For those who don’t know Zach is now adjunction at Elizabethtown College for their web design program. Joe Morello was a great student and even took the initiative to ask Zach if he could intern at Gumption Design Co. Throughout the summer, Joe has been working with Gumption on a few projects like mood boards and marketing research. We took some time out of the day to talk about his design inspiration and what led him to it, and we looked inside the life of a graphic design student over the summer.

Q: Hi Joe! Could you tell us a bit about yourself and what drew you to Gumption for your internship this summer?

A: Hello! My name is Joe Morello, and I’m a graphic designer originally from New York. I have recently relocated to Lancaster, PA, and am eager to develop my skills and grow in a positive environment. I believe that Gumption Design is the perfect place for this personal and professional growth.

Q: What’s your favorite part of interning?

A: My favorite part of interning is gaining real professional experience. I believe there’s no better education for design than working with real clients.

Q: What summer activities have you been enjoying outside of work? Any memorable trips or local explorations?

A: Outside of work, you can find me playing guitar, going to the movie theater, exploring local cafes, and hopefully getting to the beach as much as I can with my lady.

Q: Who’s your favorite graphic designer?

A: I find myself more inspired by aesthetics than any particular designer. I’m a big fan of the minimalistic movement in current product design and the design trends from the 90s.

Q: What kind of things inspire you?

A: For me, inspiration comes from the art I consume daily, whether it’s the music I’m listening to or the movies I’m watching. Right now, that’s Hot Mulligan (emo band from Michigan), and Quentin Tarantino’s “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.” However, this changes frequently based on my current mood.

Q: As you look ahead, what are you most excited about accomplishing or learning by the end of your internship?

A: I’m most excited to look back and see all the cool projects I will have worked on by the end of my internship at Gumption Design. I believe that with each project, there are lessons to be learned, and over time, it all adds up.

Q: Any advice for aspiring designers who are looking to break into the industry?

A: Intern as soon and as much as possible. The experience and lessons that come with doing graphic design professionally are incomparable to doing it for fun. You’ll grow at an exponential rate and become the designer you aspire to be in no time.