Zach Johnson Medland

Zach Johnson Medland


Gumption Design Company started as Zach Johnson-Medland Designs. It was a small side project and a way to do what I love, with people and brands I believe in. Now, it’s grown to be a vehicle of brand growth, intentional strategy, and business development to help brands have the power and skill of a design agency and the convenience of a fellow business owner who wants them to succeed.

“Gumption is the psychic gasoline that keeps the whole thing going. If you haven’t got it there’s no way the motorcycle can possibly be fixed. But if you have got it and know how to keep it there’s absolutely no way in the whole world that motorcycle can keep from getting fixed. It’s bound to happen. Therefore the thing that must be monitored at all times and preserved before anything else is the gumption. “ 

Robert Pirsig, Author of 'Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance'

We understand the importance of filling yourself up, and contributing to the world around you. Furthermore, we believe that good design, in business and in life is the key to creating a better world. 


Gumption Design Co. creates craftsman-quality branding through sustainable, predictable, and imaginative design practices.


Our vision is to create a business where we enjoy what we do, and influence the people, businesses, and environment around us positively.


Quality and Customer Service: Provide the most value to service the client

Creativity: Work in a way that inspires others and reinvents the wheel unnecessarily, but practically

Equity/Equality: All people are created equal and deserve equity in relation to their imbalances

Sustainability: Work in a sustainable manner: environmentally, communally, and in all business manners

Balance: Create balance through work that is visually impactful, not physically or mentally

Dynamism: Dynamism of a Cyclist by Umberto Bocciono comes to mind. Dynamism helps one work effectively in a way that can be fast when necessary, and slow when needed


Implementation of Values:


– Water and Electric Conservation at Home
– Minimal Gas Emissions (you’ll see Zach riding his bike around Lanc)
– Supply Chain sustainability


– Weekends are protected, but that doesn’t mean we won’t get your work done on time


– Optimize/Simplify your workflow to promote a clean conscious


-Encouraging flexible hours, divergent tasking, doodling, and side projects


– 10% discount to start- d dup businesses
– 10% discounts to BIPOC-owned businesses
– 10% discounts to LGBTQ+ owned businesses

Customer Service

– Provide for the customer at all costs, except at the expense of physical or mental health