I almost made it through the entire week without incident. The time change always disorients me. I find myself conflicted between the desire for extra daylight and the need for a consistent routine. This change does simplify walking the dog, but moving my alarm forward an hour significantly disrupts my internal clock.

For my entire life, I blamed Ben Franklin for the time change, given his reputation for punctuality. However, the concept actually originated from a group of industrious individuals who proposed it because they appreciated the boost in productivity.

I’m all for productivity, but I often question its limits. When do we reach the point of being productive enough? That’s a decision each person must make for themselves. What aspects of your life deserve more attention and warrant the sacrifice of your mental and physical energy? We often spend our entire lives seeking a balance between work and personal life. If anyone has found the perfect formula, I’m all ears. But, I suspect there isn’t one. It all comes down to doing our best and remaining fully engaged with the task at hand.

I hope you can find time to be fully present this weekend.

What are your thoughts?

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