Viewpoint Public Affairs began as just one person; as Nick grew his company, he wanted to upscale the branding and look more professional. Together we worked through creating a brand, strategy, and website that spoke directly to his target audience. 

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Viewpoint Public Affairs focuses on decarbonization, clean energy transition, and the climate tech marketplace. Nicholas Kowalski launched Viewpoint Public Affairs, a Pennsylvania-based boutique public affairs and political consulting firm, to deliver cutting-edge strategies for clients in climate tech, clean energy, and the decarbonization marketplace. Previously, Nicholas led Twenty20 Strategies, a campaign management and political consulting firm.

Nick wanted to capture the new momentum of climate tech and sustainability initiatives to help drive change through his work. Still, he wanted to ensure his audience took him seriously with a new logo and website that would accurately target and speak to his clientele. 

Gumption and Nick worked together through multiple logo revisions to hone in on what colors, typography, iconography, and names would accurately reflect his years of experience but also speak to the new future we are all trying to create. 

Ultimately, we finalized a simple but meaningful logo incorporating elements of nature and classic artistic style. 


“Our new logo captures the essence and precision of our forward-looking perspective. The central motif—a distant mountain peak—serves as a metaphor for the challenges we help our clients overcome. The choice of a serif font, reminiscent of the Art Deco era, underlines our appreciation for the artistic nuances within policy and regulation.”

-Nick Kowalski of Viewpoint Public Affairs

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