The Bearded Carpenters

The Bearded Carpenters came to Zach for a logo, but we ended up working on a number of project together to develop their business’s brand.

Brand Identity
Website Design
Creative Direction


The Bearded Carpenters came to Zach with a vague idea of the logo they wanted to represent their already existing carpentry business. They knew they wanted something recognizable and they incorporated a beard for their namesake. We worked to further develop their idea of what their brand was, and could be by asking them a variety of questions to hone their concepts, before presenting them with a few options to look over. 


First, we worked together to develop the pages, and their content, by focusing on what their end customer would like to know about their process and business. Through this process, we discovered they also wanted to focus on how to convert their customer from just looking at the website, to interacting and contacting them, so that the Bearded Carpenters can reach out and begin their sales process. Then, we moved on to creating a mock-up in Adobe XD, that we could use to visualize and develop the styles of the pages and what the website would feel like. Finally, we built a staged website with full functionality before getting final approval from the Bearded Carpenters to make it live. 


The Bearded Carpenters had a few edits and revisions to make before the site went live, so we worked on those before getting one last approval. Once The Bearded Carpenters had okayed the design, we made the site live and they could begin receiving online inquiries from customers!