Singing Onstage sought a rebrand to seamlessly integrate and rejuvenate the legacy of the previous business while signaling a fresh, forward-thinking era in their musical theatre journey.

Business Materials
Creative Direction
Website Redesign



In the redesign for ‘Singing Onstage’, we aimed to strike a harmonious blend between tradition and modernity, with a nod to youthful exuberance. The inclusion of playful elements inspired by the jester evokes a sense of whimsy and childhood wonder, resonating with the heart of musical theater and the target demographic. The color palette bursts with vibrant and fun hues, infusing the brand with energy and enthusiasm. Complementing this, we introduced an adaptable typeface that is not only legible across various mediums but also encapsulates the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of the performing arts.

In tandem with the brand revamp, ‘Singing Onstage’ underwent a comprehensive website redesign to seamlessly meld functionality with aesthetics. Utilizing WordPress, we crafted an adaptable platform that serves as a central hub for all their offerings: from booking musical theatre classes to showcasing the passionate staff behind the scenes. A pivotal section details their foundational ethos and the heartfelt reasons for its inception, connecting deeply with visitors. Ensuring optimal user experience across devices, the site boasts a responsive mobile version. Throughout the digital landscape, the website remains congruent with their refreshed branding, embodying their spirit and vision in every pixel.