Hand Tied Market is an Instagram page that promotes small batch fly tiers by reposting, promoting them, and helping them to gain an audience that might not otherwise hear about the smaller fly tyers. 

Brand Identity
Creative Direction


Alex Wortman is a frequent fly tier and fisherman. He loved meeting new fishermen and women at his local fly shop and seeing what they had tied. He loved the camaraderie and creativity of fly tying and wanted to bring it into the twenty first century. Alex reached out to Gumption Design Co. because of Zach’s experience in the outdoor industry, and their shared interest of fly tying and fishing. Alex and Zach discussed the possibilities of an online marketplace that would bring the hand crafted experience of your local fly tiers to your doorstep through an online marketplace that also acted as an online social media account advocating to keep the craft alive in the twenty first century. 

Alex and Zach they worked together to brainstorm how the brand would look. Alex imagined a fun, playful brand that drew younger fly tiers in. Zach worked with Alex to sketch out a few different concepts, and ultimately decided on a mascot design. Additionally Zach helped develop some alternate designs that could also be used for apparel later on.