Bad Garden started to help the owner’s dad eat healthily, and it evolved into a snack and kitchen brand with a logo that could help communicate their healthily rebelious attitude. 

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Bad Garden Snacks’ started as a way for the owner, Dean’s dad, to eat healthy, but they evolved into so much more than just a snack. Dean knew that eating healthy was a problem a lot of Americans had, so he went to work turning his snack into a brand that could help other people kick unhealthy habits like eating overly processed foods. After working with Gumption to develop a brand logo and strategy and implement it in some USDA-approved package designs, they started thinking even bigger. Then Dean came up with the Bad Garden Kitchen concept: a vegan-inspired kitchen that would create affordable, accessible, healthy, and ready-made meals right in Lancaster, PA. Stay tuned for their grand opening in the Fall of 2024. 


The name “Bad Garden” creates multiple senses around our brand. The name has a raw and unvarnished quality that can develop a sense of authenticity and honesty, signaling to consumers that the snacks are healthy and sustainable, made with simple and honest ingredients. It also creates a sense of rebellion and counterculture, appealing to consumers looking for something different and unconventional, challenging conventional notions of what healthy snacking should be. The name creates a sense of humor and playfulness, injecting some fun and lightheartedness into the world of snacking, as well as a sense of contrast and intrigue, stimulating the minds of consumers by combining seemingly opposite concepts. Additionally, the name can emphasize nature’s wild and unmanicured side, highlighting our commitment to sustainable and ethical practices. Overall, the name “Bad Garden” celebrates the imperfections and quirks of plant-based snacking, appealing to consumers who value transparency, authenticity, and rebelliousness and are looking for flavorful, healthy snacks without artificial ingredients and preservatives.