Anchor Hosting

At Gumption Design Co., we’re proud to partner with Anchor Hosting to offer you a seamless and efficient web hosting experience. Our partnership includes the following features.

    Benefits of our Partnership

    • Automatic Updates: Core updates, as well as plugin and theme updates, are applied automatically, ensuring your website is always up-to-date and secure.
    • Nightly Backups: We perform daily backups of your website. For added convenience, you have the ability to download these backups at any time.
    • Premium Themes: Access to a range of premium themes to help you stand out from the competition.
    • Support: We provide support for all technical issues, so you can focus on what you do best: running your business.
    • Dedicated Install: You have the ability to manage themes, plugins, and users directly, giving you greater control over your website.
    • Premium Plugins: We offer a selection of premium plugins to enhance your website’s functionality.
    • Migrations: We handle migrations to or from any host provider, making the process as smooth as possible.
    • Managed Hosting: All websites are hosted with WP Engine or Kinsta, leaders in managed WordPress hosting.
    • 🔒 HTTPS Everywhere: We prioritize security, ensuring that your website is protected with HTTPS encryption.

    Through our partnership with Anchor Hosting, we aim to provide you with a web hosting experience that is as hassle-free and efficient as possible.